Well, that’s really nice of you to say. Comparing my writing — something like this, for example — to Alejandro G. Iñárritu… could be the highest form of flattery. That dude is a genius.

If it feels cerebral, that’s because it is. I have been trying to write something about basketball… the act of playing it, not necessarily about professional sports or basketball itself… for a few weeks.

I’ve jotted things down, but I haven’t really been happy with any of it, probably because I’ve felt it lacked a strong focus.

I’m not really even sure that this writing here has much focus either, but by elaborating on a series of opponents doing the most inconsequential of things — playing pickup basketball — you can kind of understand how my mind is actually working while I’m doing the playing.

The thing that I’ve been concerned with, again, is the feeling. That, I’ve found, has been very hard to put into words. It’s only through action, I think, that you can sense the kind of enjoyment I might find in playing something with stakes as low as two-on-two basketball.

And yes, it does help with girls. Haha.

Wrote for the New York Times, New York Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Vice, Fader, Vibe, XXL, MTV News, many other places.

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