The Loser Geeks of Silicon Valley

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Julian Niccolini, co-owner of Four Seasons, opened up about what type of clientele his restaurant, soon to move locations, attracts.

You’ve said of your customers, “I used to think they all wanted privacy, but then I realized they all wanted to be very public.”

It’s true. People come to The Four Seasons to see and be seen. We don’t attract people who eat a sandwich at their desks and watch CNBC. It would be pretty sad to be a billionaire and sit every day eating a sandwich alone, don’t you think? If you are not able to go out and enjoy yourself with all that money, you are a fool. If you spend your lunch having a conference call with somebody on the phone, you’re probably a loser geek from Silicon Valley.

The loser geeks from Silicon Valley seem to be taking over.

We really don’t have that many Silicon Valley types here. They prefer downtown. They don’t appreciate fine food and fine wine and great architecture! Their mission is to make money as fast as possible. So instead of going out for lunch or dinner, they just spend time at their desk. But eventually they’ll figure it out, don’t worry. Eventually they will find out that you didn’t get that rich so you can eat at your desk.


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