Ted Hawkins “Peace and Happiness” Is the Pick-Me-Up Song You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

I can’t remember exactly how Ted Hawkins came onto my radar. It might have been through one of those Spotify “Discover” playlists, or it may have been a YouTube suggestion — however he came to me, I was glad that he did.

I listened to a bunch of his music before I ever really got into his biography, which is to say that I knew almost nothing about him other than the sound of his voice, and the strum of his guitar. And yet, I kept playing his records; one of them, in particular, really had a profound effect on my mood every time I put it on.

It’s called “Peace & Happiness,” and it’s fairly simple record; mainly, it finds Hawkins exploring his desire to find comfort in the arms of another person. In the span of four short verses, he runs through the emotions of someone getting into a relationship, realizing it’s a bad one but hanging around just to avoid being lonely, finally coming to terms with needing to exit the relationship, then finally doing so. The chorus states the aim rather plainly:

“Gotta find peace and happiness, before I die, yeah
Gotta find me somebody, before I get old, yeah.”

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