Music, There Must Always Be Music

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“A blurry shot of a woman in sneakers reclining with her foot on a vintage sound system” by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

It is important to have music on nearly all the time. Or as close to all the time as one can get. Music just does something to you. It heals your soul, makes you feel better than you were before. I mean, there’s a reason for music in restaurants, why it’s playing in stores and why you turn it up in the car — it changes your mood.

Of course, there is value in silence. So much, in fact. We take silence for granted, we really do. With industrialization, with our desire to build things wherever there’s open space, our need to sell things anywhere things can be sold, we are doing away with the earth’s truly silent places. And without silence, it is very difficult to truly hear what is inside us.

Now, quiet, we may get. But silence, silence is something else. Quiet is the absence of sound. In silence, sound itself may still be present, but it is sound that the mind, body and soul do not find intrusive; rather, it’s welcoming sound— sound that enriches, rewards and emboldens you in that particular moment. Silence then, is the natural voice of the universe, where everything you hear becomes a music unto itself. Silence is the music of the entire world in harmony.

In this way, music itself can be a kind of silence; the music plays, of course, but while listening you became entranced by it, placed in a deep, meditative state. It can be loud and frenetic, or soft and plaintive. It needn’t distract nor take away from whatever one is doing at any given moment — it only needs to be exactly what is desired in the particular moment you are listening to it.

Music, there must always be music.

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