It’s funny that you wrote this, because I had a very similar thought in the days after the album’s release, and though I could not be pained to think that hard or that critically or that long about it — what you write is definitely true, and this piece proves it.

What it also proves, which is no doubt reflected in the “content” being steamed out all over the internet, is that so many people who have written about this new record have likely either never heard a Jay-Z album before, or have had their heads smashed so far up their own asses for so long that they have forgotten what Jay-Z actually sounds like.

Then again, this is the internet and this is writing and this is critical thought and this is music, and those things — at least these days — are rarely linked in any kind of way that makes sense. Which is sad but is also the state of things across the board, whether it’s Jay-Z’s discography or it’s national politics.

Reading these pieces, you’d think Jay-Z had never made an honest song in his life! Well, I guess I’d think that to if I never actually listened to the guy.

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