It usually takes me a few years to finish even a season of a television series, if I finish at all, but I managed to complete watching Call My Agent! last weekend.

When it ended, I thought: gee, I’d love to watch more of this. Maybe it helped that I didn’t binge watch it one day, but rather saw each episode, periodically, over the course of maybe 2 weeks.

But yeah, it’s a good, smart TV show. Its appeal is that while entertaining, it doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously as the “prestige drama” we’re inundated with these days.

At times it did remind me of Entourage, if Entourage were to be told through Ari Gold’s character instead of Vinny Chase. Even still, it’s a little more contemporary than Entourage was in its time.

For example: the plot line with the hip-hop dancing. That felt very now.

Anyway, yes, great show. Can’t wait for the second season (if there ever is one).

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