I would say there is a world of difference between a second-hand store and the kind of thrift shop I am referring to.

A second-hand store, to me, would be something like the Salvation Army or possibly Goodwill. Which, even in New York City, are both reasonably priced.

What I’m referring to are places that traffic in pre-modern, kitschy nostalgia. Things you might see if you were to go into say, a sort of rustic, faux-bohemian restaurant in certain parts of Brooklyn (or perhaps San Francisco or Portland) circa 2010–2017.

As to your latter comment, products “made for white people” is rather self-explanatory.

If you are seeking out and/or buying products that were made during a period of time in which civil rights did not exist, when the percentage of the U.S. Hispanic population sat at a lowly 3.5% (like it did in 1960), when there were barely an Indians, or other brown folks like them around, you are — quite frankly — getting products that were made for white people.

Because they sure as hell weren’t being made for anyone else.

Of course if the shit you are buying is more modern, whether it is a crappy, broken stereo or not, the target consumer is probably not exactly a white person (but even then, mostly likely is).

My point — and that point might have been lost, which is totally cool, because I don’t really give that much of a fuck — is that thrift culture, thrift stores, at least the kind I’m speaking of, that twee, delicate shit, makes me think of the 1950’s, when America was very homogeneous.

And that’s something people should be conscious of, if they’d like to be — again I don’t give that much of a fuck — when they shop for shit like that.

Or, they don’t need to be. Not every place is the same and not every purchase one makes is a political act. In fact, almost none of them are.

I just think the fact that in these stores I can find a million LIFE magazines, but I can’t find nary an issue of JET, speaks volumes.

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