I was thinking a little bit about television, too. I can’t remember where I read it but I read it recently — maybe even here — about how TV is really just a delivery system.

And when you think back on TV, it was not a serious medium at all. Pretty much everything that we look back on now nostalgically, was a joke at the time. Real actors made movies. Before movies, real actors worked in theater!

I think it kind of alludes to something I said in my reply to Ev. When you think about a book or a newspaper and how they’ve not really changed that much, maybe the very concept of what it means to read needs to change.

I’m not saying people don’t read books or shouldn’t read books or that books in their modern form don’t have a purpose, but maybe that sort of longform type of thing, where you just sit down — like watching television — and digest something, is not necessarily how the mind processes information anymore.

I’ve written about it in the past, how the trouble with movies nowadays has to do with the fundamental experience of sitting in a theater and not doing anything for two hours, and how that’s not the way things work now. I suppose interactivity is really the key to everything. Television really has Twitter to thank for its resurgence.

Again though, I think there is still this large contingent that really kinda doesn’t want to engage with all of that. That’s kinda what I realize more and more. Increasingly, I think the world is moving at one speed, but it’s really moving at another. And that’s kind of a struggle.

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