I think you guys did a great thing by funding through Kickstarter and obviously it worked for you.

I guess the only issue you have now is — wow, aren’t expectations pretty high?

Crowdfunding isn’t a particularly new or novel concept but any time major entertainers use it, it draws a lot of attention and in some ways takes the focus off the work itself, and puts it on how the money was raised.

That’s kind of the downside to it. I’m sure when De La was making their first records, they weren’t thinking about all that shit, nor was their growing legion of fans.

Last night I was talking to a friend about a particular brand of bourbon she likes.

She said she loved it and was a devout fan, but then learned that the liquid was sourced from some distillery in Ohio that made like a billion other brands of liquor. So, she stopped drinking it.

I think that’s sort of silly — obviously, the taste doesn’t change just because you know where something comes from — but it illustrates the subtle complexity of the thought-process around consuming something.

It’s the same with music. You don’t hear it in a silo. You know all this stuff about an artist and it affects the way you hear things.

Will the fact that this was crowdfunded affect how fans hear it? Potentially. It may actually help out, in the end. Obviously, it made us all aware.

The thing with labels is that it puts in the mind of the listener that a company put their money behind this thing. They felt it was worth it. It’s quality.

When it’s something the artist does on their own, it can be looked at a little dismissively.

I think in this case De La is probably in the sweet spot. The fans spoke. Not a company.

When people talk, as opposed to some faceless corporation, it means more.

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