How Much Do You Really Like a Story?

Whenever I read a story on here — if I like it, I give it the maximum amount of claps. I don’t even know if the story deserves that many claps, but I give it the max amount, or try to, if I can. Sometimes I’ll give it one clap, maybe two, but rarely.

You wrote something for free on the internet, I read it, and there is a way — via Medium — that I can pay you for it. So, I try to show my support the best way I know how. Fifty claps it is!

But I think I’m in the minority.

Independent writers been waiting for an online payment system for what seems like as long as the internet has existed. For years, we argued that anything would be better than the advertising model, subscription was the way…

And yet, readers here really don’t reward writers. I mean, they want to, but not much. Don’t they understand that more claps = more money? One clap, two claps — that’s not going to get the job done. No writer makes money with that.

You pay the five dollars each month for the membership, put it to use, hit that clap button 50 times. You don’t even have to hit it, just press down on it until it hits 50. Boom, you’re done.

Otherwise, people are just going to stop writing here. It’s a fucking waste of time, honestly. It beckons you with the chance to be paid, but the readers have to reward the writers or it absolutely does not work.

And if you really don’t like something, or only like it a little, just don’t clap at all. But nothing is worse than one clap. That’s just… depressing. You can do better.

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Wrote for the New York Times, New York Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Vice, Fader, Vibe, XXL, MTV News, many other places.

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